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New Video Icon Alternative Energy: From a Toxic Past to a Renewable Future describes opportunities for clean and renewable energy projects on contaminated lands. This 5-minute video developed by the U.S. EPA's Superfund Redevelopment Initiative highlights renewable energy projects at the Rose Township Dump Superfund Site in Michigan; Lowry Landfill Superfund Site in Colorado; Molycorp Inc. Superfund Site in New Mexico; and the Frontier Fertilizer Superfund Site in California.

Featured Site-Specific Profile

Cleanup at the California Gulch Superfund Site in Leadville, Colorado, involves a green remediation strategy focused on minimizing excavation and offsite disposal of soil contaminated by past mining activities, selecting soil amendments comprising industrial byproducts, minimizing disturbance of soil and vegetation, maximizing use of onsite materials to stabilize river banks, and integrating remediation processes with anticipated site reuse.

Lawrence Aviation Industries

A groundwater treatment building for the Lawrence Aviation Industries NPL site in Port Jefferson Station, NY, benefits from geothermal energy and other green building aspects.

Massachusetts Military Reservation

Groundwater investigations at the Massachusetts Military Reservation at Cape Cod, MA, included sampling of nearby cranberry bogs to assure protection of ecosystem services.

Former St. Croix Alumina Plant

Wind turbines at the former St. Croix Alumina Plant in St. Croix, VI, drive compressed air into hydraulic skimming pumps used to recover petroleum product for reuse.

Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc.

Four gradient-driven constructed wetlands populated by cattails or pondweed treat contaminated groundwater at the Apache Nitrogen Products, Inc., NPL site in Benson, AZ.

Operating Industries, Inc. Landfill

Treatment of landfill gas collected through 460 gas extraction wells relied on microturbines at the Operating Industries, Inc. Landfill NPL site in Monterey Park, CA.

Barskdale Air Force Base

Use of native plants above the landfill cover at the Barskdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, LA, minimizes maintenance activities while helping to avoid erosion and control stormwater runoff.


GR Technology Primer (PDF) (56 pp, 814K):

Incorporating Sustainable Environmental Practices into Remediation of Contaminated Sites

The Policies & Strategies
    EPA Strategic Plan, FY 2011-2015 Goal 3: Cleaning Up Communities and Advancing Sustainable Development
  • ... As part of this effort, EPA's Superfund program will implement its green remediation strategy to reduce the energy, water, and materials used during site cleanups while ensuring that protective remedies are implemented.
Incorporating BMPs relating to ...

EPA's Methodology for Understanding and Reducing a Project's Environmental Footprint uses 21 metrics and a seven-step process to quantify energy, air, water, and materials & waste comprising the environmental footprint of a remedy.

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Aligning with National Goals

Learn about executive orders, requirements, and guidance on energy and water management, green purchasing, and environmental stewardship


Questions and comments about EPA's green remediation efforts may be forwarded to:
Carlos Pachon, Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation.

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