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August 2014

  • US EPA proposed rule covering municipal solid waste landfills includes new provisions aimed at reducing emission of landfill gas
  • GSA assessment of six federal facilities finds 14-24% reduction in natural gas consumption by substituting condensing boilers for conventional boilers

July 2014

May 2014

  • Recent US EPA report includes approaches for reducing environmental footprints of bioremediation
  • New reference guide for remediating mining-influenced water focuses on passive treatment methods and other ways to improve cleanup efficiency

April 2014

March 2014

  • US EPA Region 4 updates its greener cleanups policy

February 2014

  • US EPA recognition of the Standard Guide for Greener Cleanups (ASTM E2893-13) as a resource for reducing the environmental footprint of site cleanups
  • Quantitative environmental footprint analysis as part of remediation optimization review at the Road 114 Ground Water Plume Superfund Site in Levelland, Texas

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