One Cleanup Program
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Initiative II: Clear and Useful Information About Cleanups

One Cleanup Program

Working in Concert to
Make Our Cleanups Better

EPA has prepared a compilation of technical information on cleaning up contaminated sites with the goal of promoting the use of sound and protective remedies, sharing science and technical approaches, and promoting innovation regardless of the regulatory program that drives the cleanup.

Users of this service should find a seamless public information system that speeds up and broadens the transfer of scientific and technological information about contaminated sites and cleanups. EPA has structured this site to streamline access to information that allows users to more effectively understand, evaluate and decide on the use of emerging science, technologies, and approaches to site cleanup. The initial building blocks are Cleanup Technologies, Field Analytical technologies, and a "problem-centered" approach to providing information, using common contaminants as a focus point.

Comments are welcome and encouraged, and will be used to improve the value of the One Cleanup Program to all users. Thank you.

With information organized broadly according to technology types, this information is intended for users who are interested in learning about a particular technology that may be used in a variety of applications. The resources provided range in scope from citizens' guides to engineering and regulatory guidance documents.


Field Analytical Tools

Contaminant Focus uses a problem-oriented approach to organize and display contaminant and technology information. For selected contaminants, users are able to access information on chemistry and behavior, detection and characterization, environmental occurrence, policy and guidance, toxicology, treatment methods, vendors, conferences and seminars, news articles, and site specific data, all from a single location.

As part of EPA's One Cleanup Program, this site seeks to integrate knowledge in the assessment and cleanup of solid and hazardous waste, regardless of the regulatory program driving these activities. Initiative II: Clear and Useful Information About Cleanups of the One Cleanup Program is the inspiration for this site. Through it, EPA seeks to provide clear and useful information about the cleanup of contaminated sites.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, February 17, 2009