Site Characterization and Monitoring Technology

ETV Site Characterization and Monitoring Technology Pilot Verification Statements and Reports
CSCT has issued the following characterization technology verification statements and reports.

VS=Verification Statements; R=Reports

Cone Penetrometer-Deployed Sensors:

Rapid Optical Screen Tool (ROSTTM)
EPA-VS-SCM-01; EPA-600-R-97-020
Verification of a tunable dye laser system used in conjunction with a cone penetrometer to detect petroleum, SVOCs, and VOCs in soil
Site Characterization Analysis Penetrometer System (SCAPS) LIF Sensor
EPA-VS-SCM-02; EPA-600-R-97-019
Verification of a mobile cone penetrometer system with a laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) sensor to detect petroleum and VOCs in soil

Field Portable Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometers:
Verification of two GC/MS systems for field measurement of VOCs in soil/soil gas and water

Bruker-Franzen Analytical Systems, Inc. EM640TM
EPA-VS-SCM-11; EPA-600-R-97-149
Viking Instruments Corporation SpectraTrakTM 672
EPA-VS-SCM-10; EPA-600-R-97-148

Field Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzers:
Verification of several XRF systems for field measurement of metals in soil

Scitec MAP Spectrum Analyzer
HNU Systems SEFA-P
TN 9000 and TN Lead Analyzer
Metorex X-MET 920-MP
Metorex X-MET 920-P and X-MET 940
Niton XL Spectrum Analyzer

1997 Technology Verification Program Areas:
The following are brief descriptions of CSCT’s ongoing verification testing efforts. Each document describes the technology and lists the participating vendors. Verification testing within each area is either completed or underway.

PCB Analysis Technologies
Soil/Soil Gas Sampling Technologies
Wellhead Monitoring for Volatile Organic Compounds

Site Characterization and Monitoring Program: Demonstration Bulletins and Reports
EPA’s Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) program serves as a broker between technology developers and demonstration facilities and has issued the following demonstration results.

MR=One page demonstration bulletins; R=full reports

PCP Immunoassay Technologies
EPA-540-MR-95-514; EPA-540-R-95-514
Demonstration of three technologies that detect pentachlorophenol in soil and water using immunosorbent assays and a spectrophotometer
EnviroGard PCB Test Kit
EPA-540-MR-95-517; EPA-540-R-95-517
Demonstration of a test kit that detects PCBs in soil using antibodies that bind PCB molecules
Clor-N-Soil PCB Test Kit L2000 PCB/Chloride Analyzer
Demonstration of two technologies that detect PCBs in soil using sodium reagents
Rapid Optical Screen Tool (ROSTTM)
EPA-540-MR-95-519; EPA-540-R-95-519
Site Characterization Analysis Penetrometer System (SCAPS) LIF Sensor
EPA-540-MR-95-520; EPA-540-R-95-520
Demonstration of the two cone penetrometer systems described above
Field Analytical Screening Program: PCB Method
EPA-540-MR-95-521; EPA-540-R-95-521
Demonstration of a field screening method that detects PCBs in soil and water using a GC equipped with an electron capture detector
Field Analytical Screening Program: PCP Method
EPA-540-MR-95-528; EPA-540-R-95-528
Demonstration of a field screening method that detects PCP in soil and water using a GC equipped with a megabore capillary column and an electron capture detector

Additional EPA Documents on Site Characterization and Monitoring Technologies
In addition to the SITE program and ETVs Site Characterization and Monitoring Technology Pilot, EPA’s Technology Innovation Office (TIO) and other EPA offices have issued a number of publications on site characterization and monitoring technologies. TIO also maintains the electronic resources listed below.

EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program
Basic guide to ETV, CSCT’s EPA sponsor
Consortium for Site Characterization Technology Fact Sheet
Basic guide to CSCT activities
Environmental Business Council Resources
A guide to organizations involved in development of innovative hazardous waste technologies
Guide to Technology Commercialization Assistance for EPA SBIR Program Awardees
A resource for participants in EPA’s Small Business Innovation Research program
Road Map to Understanding Innovative Technology Options for Brownfields Investigation and Cleanup
Tool Kit of Information Resources for Brownfields Investigation and Cleanup
Two publications on technology applications at brownfields sites, emphasizing assessment
Field Sampling and Analysis Technologies Matrix and Reference Guide
EPA-542-B-98-002A (matrix)
EPA-542-B-98-002 (reference guide)
A guide to evaluating and selecting field sampling and analytical technologies developed by EPA and the U.S. Navy
Tech Trends: Issue #27
Issue dedicated to CSCT verification activities
Partnerships for the Remediation of Hazardous Wastes
A guide to EPA-sponsored public-private partnership programs for the development of innovative hazardous waste technologies
Field Analytical and Site Characterization Technologies - Summary of Applications
A comprehensive annual report on field applications
Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) Technology Profiles (10th Ed.)
SITE’s annual report on demonstrations

Training Resources

Innovative Technologies for Site Assessment and Monitoring: A 1-day training workshop presented by the Northeast Hazardous Substance Research Center in partnership with EPA. Targeted to state regulators, engineering contractors, site owners, and individuals with brownfields redevelopment. Scheduled course deliveries in 1998 include: May 18, Snowbird, UT; July 7, San Francisco, CA; October 5, Chicago, IL. For more information, contact Andrea Kinney at 508-358-3532.

Technology Newsletters

Tech Trends is a newsletter on site characterization and remediation technology applications. Ground Water Currents is a newsletter on developments in ground water characterization and remediation technologies.


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