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ITRC What is New with In Situ Chemical Oxidation?
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September 20, 2005, 2:00 PM - 4:15 PM, EDT (18:00-20:15 GMT)

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In the United States, an estimated 200,000+ remediation sites potentially threaten groundwater resources. When conventional treatment methods (e.g., pump and treat technology) are costly and inefficient, emerging in situ groundwater and subsurface soil treatment technologies may provide effective, lower-cost alternatives. The remediation of groundwater contamination using in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) involves injecting oxidants and potentially coamendments directly into the source zone and downgradient plume. The oxidant chemicals react with the contaminants, producing substances such as carbon dioxide, water, and in the case of chlorinated compounds, inorganic chloride. This course provides information to help understand, evaluate, and make informed decisions on ISCO proposals. The primary oxidants addressed in this training are hydrogen peroxide, potassium and sodium permanganate, sodium persulfate, and ozone.

This training presents updated guidance and technology advancement information for In Situ Chemical Oxidation. Topics include a regulatory discussion related to ISCO implementation; details on the chemistry behind ISCO technology; considerations for system design and application, including health and safety; and performance evaluation information. The course is based on the ITRC's In Situ Chemical Oxidation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater, Second Edition (ISCO-2, 2005), with sections on technology overview and applicability, remedial investigations, safety concerns, regulatory concerns, injection design, monitoring, stakeholder concerns, and case studies.

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