Tom HigginsTom Higginsis a Hydrologist with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). Tom has been a member the MPCA's Petroleum Remediation Program since 2003 and has worked on a variety of projects including petroleum site investigations and cleanup projects as well as petroleum brownfield sites. Tom serves as the MPCA’s contact for vapor intrusion policy development and has participated in developing policy and investigation procedures for biofuel releases. Tom has been an active participant with ITRC since 2006 serving as team member to the Vapor Intrusion and Biofuels teams. Tom also participated with the ITRC state engagement program from 2007 through 2009 serving as the state point of contact (POC) to ITRC. Tom is currently the at large state representative to the ITRC Board of Advisors. Tom earned a Bachelor's degree in biology from Minnesota State University in Mankato Minnesota in 2003 and has a Master’s degree in environmental health sciences from the University of Minnesota School Of Public Health in 2006.