Jay Hodny Jay Hodny is a Product Specialist with W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., located in Elkton, Maryland. He oversees the technical, business, and administrative aspects associated with GORE™ Surveys, a passive vapor sampling service which utilizes waterproof, vapor-permeable GORE-TEX® membranes. He has been employed with Gore since 1992. Jay is a contributing author and instructor on the ITRC's Passive Sampler and Vapor Intrusion teams, and has been affiliated with the ITRC since the fall of 2004. He routinely makes presentations on the topic of passive sampling at professional conferences. In 1984, Jay earned a bachelor's degree in anthropology, with a second major in geography from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND. He then earned a master's degree in geography in 1992, and a Ph.D. in climatology in 1998, both from the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. His graduate research focused on water resources and the climatic water budget in the mid-Atlantic US. Periodically Jay teaches meteorology at the University of Delaware.