Arati Kolhatkar is an Environmental Engineer at Atlantic Richfield Co. (a BP affiliate). She is a chemical engineering graduate (B. Chem. Eng. from University of Bombay, India, M.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Tulsa, OK). Her areas of research included biotreatment of wastewaters, biodesulfurization, microbially enhanced oil recovery, development of hydraulic fracturing fluids, and soil bioremediation. As a team member of the Environmental Technology group, she is responsible for developing and advocating the use of constructed treatment wetlands to meet various goals. In addition, she is very involved in the phytoremediation efforts carried out for clean-up and/or prevention. Arati also actively participates in development and demonstration efforts focused on finding natural technologies as well as establishment of regulatory guidance on the use of these innovations through the US EPA's Remediation Technologies Development Forum, and the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council.