Stuart J. NagourneyStuart Nagourney is Team Leader of ITRCs Sampling Characterization and Monitoring Team. . He is currently a Research Scientist with the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection in the Office of Quality Assurance. Mr. Nagourney has been Manager of Analytical Laboratories for the Argus Division of Witco Corporation and Bureau Chief for Inorganic and Radiological Services for the NJDEP in addition to holding staff position in state and federal government agencies. He holds a BS in Chemistry from Brooklyn College and a MS in Inorganic and Physical Chemistry from Indiana University, Bloomington. Mr. Nagourney is an adjunct Professor of Chemistry at The College of New Jersey, serves on several national committees reviewing analytical test methods and provides peer review for numerous chemistry journals.

Mr. Nagourney's responsibilities in the area of quality assurance and technology implementation Include auditing of certified environmental testing laboratories, review of DEP programs for adherence to quality principles, implementation of ISO certification, development of new reference materials to insure test method validity and development of staff training courses.