Bruce Alleman Bruce Alleman is a Chief Engineer with Brown and Caldwell located in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2006, Bruce has worked in the Environmental Services Division at Brown and Caldwell specializing in the implementation of innovative remedial technologies for a wide variety of chemicals. Since 1995, he has worked on projects with USEPA, DoD, NASA, and private sector clients to develop, implement, and evaluate various physical, chemical, and biological technologies for treating perchlorate impacted soil, groundwater, and wastewater. Prior to Brown and Caldwell, he worked for over 15 yeas in the Environmental Restoration Department at Battelle Memorial Institute, a non-profit science and technology firm, where he led several internal research and development projects investigating the biodegradation of perchlorate, and the developing a passive technology for treating rocket motor quench water. Bruce joined ITRC’s Perchlorate Team in 2007, and has been contributing to the development of the Tech Reg Document and preparation of this course. Bruce earned a bachelor’s degree in hydrology in 1985, a master’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1986, and a doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1991 from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona