Bruce RobinsonBruce Robinson is a Senior Hydrogeologist and ITRC Stakeholder from Tempe, Arizona managing a wide variety of projects from drinking water supply resource development to contaminant hydrogeology. Previously, he worked for the Gila River Indian Community Department of Environmental Quality in central Arizona for 7 years, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Superfund Section for 3 years and 10 years managing contaminant studies for Dames and Moore. Bruce’s industry experience has focused on CERCLA and RCRA contaminant investigations for metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons and fuels. Bruce joined the ITRC in 2006 to participate in the Passive Sampling and Perchlorate Teams. He is active in field testing new passive sampling technologies for characterization of chlorinated hydrocarbon and perchlorate groundwater plumes. He has spent the last 7 years working on a complex site where a perchlorate plume from an abandoned manufacturing facility has commingled with multiple chlorinated hydrocarbon groundwater plumes. He has worked to expand the role of passive samplers in vertically characterizing contaminant stratification in aquifers. He has also been active in applying innovative analytical methods to the speciation of perchlorate.

Bruce serves on the ITRC as a Stakeholder and has a long history of working with Community Advisory Boards (CABs) both as a regulator and as a consultant. He continues to advocate for regulators and private industry to get early input from community groups to build consensus and promote project efficiency and cost savings. As an ITRC Stakeholder, Bruce is interested in informing the public about the large number of sources of perchlorate not associated with the rocket propulsion industry. He believes that public education through organizations like the ITRC can lead to the implementation of best management practices that will limit the majority of anthropogenic perchlorate that is currently being released into the environment.

Bruce earned a bachelor's in Geology from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana in 1981 and is a registered geologist in the State of Arizona.