William M. DavisDr. Davis received his B.S. degree in Chemistry (1976) from Florida State University. He received his M.S. degree in Analytical Chemistry (1985) from Florida State University and his Ph.D. degree in Water Chemistry (1993) from the Environmental Sciences and Engineering Department at the University of Florida. For his Ph.D. research, Dr. Davis specialized in the application of sophisticated analytical chemistry to investigate the interaction of pollutants with natural matrices.

Dr. Davis was formerly a Research Chemist with the US Army COE Ecosystem Processes and Effects Branch, Environmental Laboratory, Waterways Experiment Station (WES), Vicksburg, MS. During his tenure at WES, he participated in basic research on the fate of explosives and hydrophobic contaminants in soils and sediments. Also at WES, Dr. Davis was a principal participant in the Site Characterization and Analysis Penetrometer System Program developing sensors for in situ detection of petroleum contamination, explosives and volatile organic compounds in both soil and groundwater. He is currently Vice President for Technical Services at Tri-Corder Environmental, Inc where he leads the company's program applying field measurement technologies to site characterization within the context of the Triad approach.