Dr. Denice Nelson Dr. Denice Nelson is a Principal Remediation Engineer with ARCADIS-US, and is located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota office. Since 2000 she has focused on the application and optimization of injection-based bioremediation technologies including enhanced reductive dechlorination, anaerobic biological oxidation of petroleum hydrocarbons, metals precipitation, and explosives remediation. Denice’s current responsibilities include leading the In Situ Remediation Services group within ARCADIS-US which entails providing technical assistance, strategy development, and engineering oversight on several contaminated sites undergoing bioremediation. Through this role, she also manages a team of technical staff whose responsibilities include ensuring high quality and consistent design standards are applied to bioremediation sites throughout the United States. Denice has been an active member of the ITRC Biofuels team since 2010. She became involved with the team through her PhD research where she focused on quantifying the effect of ethanol-based fuel input on the indigenous microbial communities in groundwater, focusing on the effects that a low concentration E85 input had on methane-producing organisms and subsequent methane production, the type and quantity of fermentation products, and the structure of the groundwater aquifer microbial community. Denice routinely presents at national conferences, has taught several short courses on bioremediation, and has also authored several technical publications. Denice earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 1998, a masters degree in Environmental Engineering in 2001, and a doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering in 2009 from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Denice is a registered professional engineer in Minnesota.