Eric Blischke Eric Blischke is a senior environmental scientist with CDM Smith in Portland Oregon. Eric has over 25 years of remediation experience in the state, federal and private sector. For the past 15 years, Eric’s work has focused on contaminated sediments. Eric is currently heading up CDM Smith’s sediment program. In this role, Eric is serving as a technical resource for numerous CDM Smith sediment cleanup projects around the country and participates in a variety of national sediment forums. Eric recently served as an instructor for EPA’s contaminated sediments workshop that took place at three locations around the country. Eric has been active in the ITRC since 2010 and was the lead author of the decision framework section of the sediment guidance. Prior to joining CDM, Eric served as EPA remedial project manager for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site and was Portland Harbor source control lead for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Eric received his B.S. degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1983 and M.S. degree from the Oregon Graduate Institute in Beaverton in 1992.