George DeVaull George DeVaull is a Principal Technical Expert in Environmental, Soil and Groundwater with Shell Global Solutions US Inc. in Houston, Texas. He has worked at Shell since 1990 on many hundreds of soil and groundwater projects across the oil and gas industry including downstream (refineries to retail), exploration and production, chemicals, and multi-party sites across many countries and six continents. His current work includes research & development on chemical fate and transport (biodegradation in the environment, soil vapor migration and intrusion into enclosures, environmental evaluation of novel and new chemical products); risk assessment frameworks and applications (human and ecological evaluations), and guidance and standards development and technical consultation (US, States, other countries, joint industry/government consortia, ASTM, API). George is a principal author of the BioVapor vapor intrusion model. For ITRC, George has contributed as a member of the petroleum vapor intrusion team since 2012. George earned a Bachelor of Science,1984, and Master of Science, 1985, in mechanical engineering, and a PhD, 1990, all from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana.