Harold Templin Harold Templin is a Senior Geologist at the Office of Land Quality of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). Since 1985, Harold has worked as a geologist with compliance and permitting of hazardous waste facilities and solid waste landfills. In that role, Harold has designed or approved ground water monitoring systems, sampling and analysis plans, and statistical evaluation plans. While working at IDEM Harold has set on numerous panels setting policy and guidance for closure of land disposal facilities, and risk assessment of corrective action sites. Since 1977, Harold has worked with land use regulations and with efforts to encourage the best use of our natural resources. This is Harold’s first effort of working on an ITRC team. Harold earned a BS degree in geology from Indiana State University in 1972. Additionally, Harold has taken additional graduate level courses in hydrogeology and groundwater modeling at Indiana University. Harold is a licensed professional geologist in the State of Indiana.