Christopher Hurst Mr. Christopher Hurst is an environmental engineer with the Hazardous Waste Management Branch of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division based in Atlanta. He works in the DoD Remediation Unit in which he is assigned regulatory corrective action oversight tasks for several RCRA and CERCLA regulated military installations, and CERCLA regulated FUDS. Chris has been involved with the ITRC and the Remedial Process Optimization team since late 2002.

Prior to working in the Hazardous Waste Management Branch, Chris spent some limited time working in the Engineering and Technical Support Program of the Water Protection Branch and was a compliance engineer in the VOC and Combustion Unit of the Air Protection Branch from 1996 through 2001. A significant portion of this work involved regulatory oversight of large scale printing operations and utility combustion sources.

Chris has both a BS and M.Eng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Louisville. He recently served as Chair of the Atlanta section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and has been very active with this organization for six years. Chris is also a member of the local section of the Air and Waste Management Association.