Jane BohnJane Bohn, with Environmental Design International inc. (EDI) in Chicago, IL, has worked in the environmental industry since 1994. She specializes in site investigations, remediation, and site restoration for projects across the US within both consulting and corporate roles. In her current role at EDI, Jane supports EDI's core service offerings which include due diligence services, regulatory compliance, hazardous waste management, end environmental remediation. Prior to EDI, Jane worked for BP Products North America where she managed remediation projects in the Midwest along with strategic liability development and legal matters for a diverse range of facilities. Jane has expertise in institutional control implementation and negotiations extending back to the late 1990's and acted as an institutional control and post remediation expert for BP, developing an institutional control tracking and compliance program for the global function within BP. Since 2014, Jane has contributed to ITRC as a team member for ITRC's Long Term Contaminant Management Using Institutional Controls. Jane earned a bachelor's degree in Geology from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.