Bud Johnson Bud Johnson is the CEO of ROG a Superfund and industrial remediation contractor located in southeast Texas. Mr. Johnson is responsible for identifying, researching, implementing, and reporting on the application and use of alternative remedial technologies. ROG is a "field" orientated company working with owners and consultants to review remediation goals and appropriate remediation technologies. ROG has tested and implemented diverse in-situ and ex-situ technologies at Superfund sites and industrial facilities including pump & treat, SVE, dual phase extraction, bioremediation, chemical oxidation, electro-thermal stripping, phytoremediation, slurry walls, and other innovative treatment technologies.

Mr. Johnson has been working as a consultant, field engineer and manager in the environmental field since 1972. Before joining ROG, Mr. Johnson worked for municipal utilities, environmental equipment manufacturers, and environmental design/build contractors. Mr. Johnson has a BS degree in chemistry/engineering from Loyola College and has completed the course work for an MS degree in Environmental Engineering from Rutgers University. Mr. Johnson is a current member of NGWA, TAEP, A&WMA and a past member of ACS, NAEP, WEF, ABC, GCA, DBIA and WWMEA.