Loren LundLoren Lund is the vapor intrusion practice leader for Jacobs and resides in Shelley, Idaho. He has worked at Jacobs since 2017 and CH2M since 2008, which was acquired by Jacobs. He has worked in environmental risk analysis and vapor intrusion since 1990. Loren is responsible for overseeing/training staff and insuring vapor intrusion best practices are applied. He is responsible for the companyís compendium of best practices, standard operating procedures, quality assurance procedures, and VI website. Loren is an organizing committee member, classroom instructor, session chair, and presenter for the Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA) VI specialty conferences. He is a member of the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) Petroleum VI team, where he was the co-team leader responsible for authoring one of the chapters. Loren co-chairs the Navy VI Focus Group, was a co-author of the Navy 2011 Background Indoor Air Guidance for VI, and the senior technical leader for the Web-based Navy VI Tool and the current Navy Environmental Sustainability Development to Integration (NESDI) VI Decision Framework database project. He has reviewed multiple national VI guidance documents, authored over a dozen papers, and has been a session chair or featured speaker at more than a dozen VI conferences or sessions since 2004. Loren has presented over a dozen webinar training sessions on VI assessment and mitigation in the last five years. He earned a bachelorís degree in chemistry and a Ph.D. in biochemistry at Utah State University. He was a post-doctorate and adjunct professor in toxicology at the University of Texas in Austin.