Pamela Trowbridge Pamela Trowbridge is a Licensed Professional Geologist with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) in Harrisburg. She has worked for the PA DEP since 1993. She is experience in regulation, guidance, policy, and procedure development and is working on developing guidance and procedures for addressing separate phase liquids in soils and groundwater. She assists sites under development through the Brownfield Action Team, a process that expedites the permitting process and the Land Recycling cleanup process, and provides technical assistance and input to Departmental permits for these sites. Pamela conducts training seminars of basic program information in the Land Recycling Program to consultants and the regulated community and provides training to DEP staff on new procedures and technical issues. Pamela has been the co-leader for the ITRC LNAPL Team since the team formed in 2007. She earned a bachelor's degree in earth sciences from Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Pennsylvania in 1992 and is a Licensed Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania.