Peter Zawislanski Peter Zawislanski is Principal Hydrogeologist and Vice President at Terraphase Engineering Inc. Since 1989 he has developed and applied expertise in site characterization, remediation, project management, and agency interaction. He has a broad background in contaminant hydrogeology, geochemistry, and soil science. Peter has provided technical and program management for numerous environmental investigations and hazardous waste remediation projects and has designed and implemented soil and groundwater remediation projects throughout the US. His diverse remediation approaches have included: injection of oxidants or organic substrates for the destruction of organic contaminants; injection of reagents for the reduction and immobilization of metals; soil stabilization and solidification technologies for arsenic and chromium, and permeable reactive barrier design and implementation for the treatment of metals. Peter has authored or co-authored twelve peer-reviewed journal articles, three book chapters, and many proceedings papers. He has served as conference session chair at technical conferences, served as peer reviewer for top-tier scientific journals and for the CALFED program, and served as a member of the ITRC Permeable Reactive Barrier Technology Update Team. Peter earned a bachelor's degree in earth sciences in 1986 from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and a master's degree in geological sciences from the University of California, Berkeley in 1989 He is a Professional Geologist in California and Washington, and a Certified Hydrogeologist in California.