Robin Boyd Robin Boyd is a Senior Project Manager with AECOM in Virginia. Robin is a specialist in the use of incremental sampling for both surface and subsurface remedial investigations and remediation. Since 1989 Robin has gained experience with investigating hazardous waste sites including the development and implementation of innovative technologies for the remediation of soil and ground water. He has designed and implemented over 35 incremental sampling programs of various types and conducted numerous training classes on the use of incremental sampling. He has attended both Francis Pitard’s and Chuck Ramsey’s classes on incremental sampling and Gy’s Sampling Theory (which is the cornerstone of ISM). He is an active member of the ITRC Incremental Sampling Methodology team. Robin earned both a bachelor’s degree in 1979 and master’s degree in 1981 in geology and geophysics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Robin is also a registered professional geologist.