Robin Davis Robin V. Davis is a Licensed Professional Geologist and Project Manager with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Leaking Underground Storage Tank program in Salt Lake City. Robin has over 35 years of professional experience, and specializes in fate and transport of petroleum hydrocarbons, natural attenuation, and risk assessments. Her most recent work includes acquisition, compilation and analysis of petroleum vapor data for the purpose of developing screening criteria for the petroleum vapor intrusion exposure pathway. Robin served on the EPA OUST Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (PVI) Work Group to develop national guidance. EPA OUST peer-reviewed Robin’s vapor database and published a report in January 2013. Robin most recently served as a chapter lead for ITRC’s Petroleum Vapor Intrusion guidance (PVI-1, 2014). Since 2005, she has been an invited speaker on PVI for various webinars and conferences sponsored by ASTSWMO, NEIWPCC/EPA, Certified Unified Program Agencies, Southern California Society for Risk Analysis, and AEHS. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, CA in 1977.