Bruce Sass Dr. Bruce Sass has more than 15 years experience in geochemistry and environmental science. He has been active at Battelle in investigating new technologies aimed at groundwater and soil remediation, as well as developing advanced characterization techniques. Bruce has been a principal investigator of DoD, EPA, DOE, and industrial projects that involve geochemical modeling, laboratory experiments, and pilot-scale evaluations. His research interests include: aqueous geochemistry, permeable reactive barriers, high-temperature and pressure reactions, and environmental fate and transport. Bruce is co-author of a book on permeable reactive barriers. Recent projects include: evaluation of permeable reactive barrier performance at Moffett Field, Lowry AFB, and Dover AFB, and assessment of multiple in situ remediation technologies for chlorinated-NAPL destruction at Cape Canaveral Air Station, FL. He has also worked extensively with EPA to develop more promising operating and management strategies to minimize pollutant loss in sediment dredging practices. These studies have included minimizing leachate losses by manipulating redox potential, adjusting chemical conditions in the sediment zone, and introduction of chemically modified liners. Bruce has been principal investigator on many of Battelle's Internal Research and Development projects, which have included bimetallic compounds for reductive dechlorination, chemical oxidation, and organo-modification of soils for sorption of organic compounds and metal ions.