Stephanie Fiorenza Stephanie Fiorenza , Ph.D., is a technology specialist for BP’s Remediation Engineering and Technology group in Houston, TX with primary responsibility for chlorinated solvent-impacted sites and bioremediation approaches throughout the US. Prior to joining BP in 2006, she managed pilot tests of innovative remediation technologies at US DOD sites. She has been involved with sustainable remediation since the inception of SURF, the Sustainable Remediation Forum, in 2006 and is the focal point for sustainable remediation efforts within BP. As a technical specialist, Stephanie maintains active research projects along with developing site-specific solutions for remediation projects. Some of these activities include conducting forensic investigations, assessing performance of a zero-valent iron barrier, developing new tools for vapor intrusion investigations, and applying enhanced bioremediation approaches in challenging environments. She maintains an active lecture schedule including: moderator at the panel discussion on Integrating Society into Sustainable Remediation at the Battelle 2011 Symposium; presenter on sustainable remediation at the Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop, Battelle Conference in 2010, at US EPA’s Brownfield Symposium, NICOLE’s Sustainable Remediation meeting in Belgium, and EPA’s Tanks Conference in 2009.   She is a member of the SURF Board of Trustees and as a member of ITRC’s Green and Sustainable Remediation work group. Stephanie earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Brown University in Providence, RI in 1981 and a doctoral degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from Rice University in Houston, TX in 1992.