David TsaoDr. David Tsao is a technical specialist for the Remediation Engineering & Technology group in BP’s Remediation Management function at their Naperville, IL office. In response to the Deepwater Horizon incident, David was Strike Team Leader evaluating biological and chemical agents for the long term remediation and restoration of Gulf Coast shorelines and wetlands. Concurrent with these responsibilities, David has been leading BP’s evaluation of the potential environmental impacts of current and future biofuels and other fuel oxygenates since 1997. He is responsible for providing general technical support to a broad range of contaminated sites around the globe by developing site conceptual models, selecting appropriate remedies, and optimizing the performance of engineered remediation systems. David specializes in the development, advocacy, and implementation of bioremediation, phytotechnologies, treatment wetlands, ecosystem restoration, and other natural systems technologies. He has actively participated and taught these technologies through the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council since 2000 (Phytotechnologies-1, Constructed Wetlands, Mitigation Wetlands, Ecological Land Reuse, Phytotechnologies -2). David was also involved on the MTBE and Mining Wastes teams, and is active on the Biofuels, Sediment Remediation, and Biochemical Reactors for Mine-Influenced Waters teams. He is a three-time chemical engineering graduate of Purdue University earning his baccalaureate degree in 1988, Masters in 1990, and Doctorates in 1997. His research theses included plant biotechnology, phytochemical and pharmaceutical production, plant nutrition, and plant biomass production for zero-gravity (NASA) applications.