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ITRC Geophysical Prove-Outs for Munitions Response Projects
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Geophysical systems are used to detect surface and subsurface anomalies, (i.e. unexploded ordnance (UXO) and/or discarded military munitions) during geophysical surveys of munitions response sites. These systems are tested, evaluated and demonstrated by a site-specific geophysical prove-out (GPO). Information collected during the implementation of the prove-out is analyzed and used to select or confirm the selection of a geophysical system that can meet the performance requirements established for the geophysical survey.

This training introduces the purpose and scope of GPOs, provides examples of goals and objectives associated with GPOs, and presents detailed information needed to evaluate the design, construction, implementation and reporting of GPOs. The course is based on ITRC's Geophysical Prove-Outs for Munitions Response Projects (UXO-3, 2004). In addition to the material covered in the training, this document provides additional background information on geophysical surveys, for those readers who may want to review the broader topic of geophysical surveys, equipment, processes and survey methodology to gain a greater understanding of the context of GPOs in the munitions response process.

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