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Radiation Risk Assessment: Updates and Tools
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May 15, 2007
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I had trouble hearing the instructor
The instructors are knowledgeable of the subject matter
Sufficient time was available for Q & A
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I learned a great deal about the variation in cleanup level determination at radioactively contaminated sites and the ITRC document related to this topic
I understand how regulatory authority directly influences risk assessment and associated cleanup goal determination
I clearly understand the specific variation in Risk-based and Dose-based approaches to radiation risk assessment
I understand the purpose and application of Preliminary Remediation Goals
I am confident in using the PRG Risk and ARAR-Dose Calculators to develop default PRGs
I am confident that I can adjust the appropriate parameters to calculate site-specific PRGs
The example application of the PRG Calculator and comparison with other approaches was useful for application of this tool at specific sites
The training was too basic for experienced risk assessors
The training covered too many topics in a short time and it was difficult to grasp anything in depth
There is a need for classroom training updating radiation risk assessment tools
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The information I received in this training will help me improve my job performance
This type of training is valuable to our agency/organization/company and I will encourage colleagues to participate in future ITRC trainings
I can easily apply what I learned in this training course
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