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 Links to Additional Resources
I. ITRC-Specific Links View Download
Download Today's ITRC Training view/download  
ITRC Remediation Process Optimization: Identifying Opportunities for Enhanced and More Efficient Site Remediation (RPO-1, September 2004) view/download  
ITRC Remediation Process Optimization Team Page     view/download  
II. Other Links View Download
USEPA's Page on Five Year Reports     view/download  
USEPA's Memo on Pump & Treat Optimization       view/download
CLU-IN Technology Focus: Remediation Optimization     view/download  
Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Remedial Action Operation / Long Term Management (RAO/LTMgt) Optimization Workgroup     view/download  
Navy Optimization Workgroup     view/download  
Navy NAVFAC Technical Data Sheet on Optimization       view/download
Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE) Remediation Optimization view/download  
US Army Corps of Engineers Remediation System Evaluation (RSE) Checklists view/download  
Department of Energy, Risk Based End States view/download  
Federal Remediation Round Table (FRTR) Remediation Optimization view/download  
RPO Training Given at NJDEP in April 2003 view/download  
The NJDEP Tech Rules view/download  
III. ITRC (Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council) Products and Information:
IV. Rebroadcast of Other Internet Seminars and Training Opportunities View Download
See the CLU-IN Studio for announcements of upcoming seminars and the archives of past seminars view/download  
Subscribe to the TechDirect ListServ and be notified of future Internet seminars view/download  

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