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ITRC Development of Performance Specifications for Solidification/Stabilization
Sponsored by: Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council
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Solidification/Stabilization (S/S) is a remedial technology option which blends treatment reagents into contaminated material to impart physical and/or chemical changes to reduce the flux of contamination that leaches from a contaminant source to within acceptable parameters set forth in a site-specific remediation goal. S/S can be effective for metals, asbestos, radioactive materials, oxidizers, PAHs, PCBs, and pesticides and is potentially effective for dioxins/furans, some VOCs and other organics. Although there is abundant literature describing the S/S process and test methods for design and implementation, there was a lack of guidance for assessing performance. The ITRC technical and regulatory guidance document Development of Performance Specifications for Solidification/Stabilization (S/S-1, 2011) and associated Internet-based training provide an approach to assist practitioners and regulators with measuring and determining acceptable S/S performance. This approach developed by the ITRC Solidification/Stabilization Team provides information for developing, testing, and evaluating appropriate site-specific performance specifications and the considerations for designing appropriate long-term stewardship programs. In addition, the approach provides useful tools for establishing an appropriate degree of treatment and regulatory confidence in the performance data to support decision-making. This training and guidance is intended to be beneficial to anyone involved with CERCLA, RCRA, brownfields, UST or any other regulatory program where S/S has been selected or implemented as a remedial technology.

For reference during the training class, participants should have available a copy of the process diagram, Figure 4-1 on page 29 of the ITRC Technology and Regulatory Guidance Document Development of Performance Specifications for Solidification/Stabilization (S/S-1, 2011) and available as a 1-page PDF at

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