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ITRC ITRC Panel Event: Stormwater Best Management Practices Performance Evaluation
Sponsored by: Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council
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Training Course Overview:

Are you interested in improving your stormwater best management practices (BMP) performance? Could you improve your performance evaluations on the front end with publicly available data and throughout the BMP lifecycle? If so, join us for this ITRC (Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council) interactive online panel session showcasing the ITRC Document: Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Performance Evaluation (Stormwater-1) Oct-18. This panel event will provide you with:

  • Access to a centralized resource for information on stormwater BMP effectiveness
  • Guidance to use during post-construction BMP screening, selection, installation, operation, and monitoring and maintenance.
  • Case study examples using the guidance.
  • Answers to your questions about using ITRC's stormwater BMP tool and guidance
PREREQUISITE: BEFORE the event, please view the following videos EACH UNDER 5 MINUTES:
The panel session is intended to be a mix of interactive audience discussion and introductory material. Please come ready to ask questions and interact with the panel technical members.

In addition, panel participants are encouraged to view the associated ITRC guidance, Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Performance Evaluation (Stormwater-1) Oct-18. This guidance offers the user details on post-construction BMP lifecycle processes including contracting, cost considerations, installation factors including construction challenges, inspection checklists, quality control and record drawings. It goes on to address long-term technology- and performance-based operational strategies, including aspects such as routine and non-routine maintenance. Data and information from existing publicly available BMP performance programs has been incorporated into an online BMP Screening Tool. Using site-specific pollutant treatment requirements and installation considerations, the Tool can assist the user by identifying types of BMPs that may be appropriate for a given site. The Tool also provides users summarized information on the treatment efficiency, installation requirements and maintenance issues regarding the identified BMPs, with links to access more detailed information.

The target audience for this panel event is primarily state and local regulators involved in the process of stormwater BMP screening, selection, design, installation, operation and maintenance and monitoring. Others working on post-construction stormwater management will benefit as well, particularly consultants and new staff in the stormwater industry.

During the panel event registration process you may submit questions that may be addressed by panelist during the upcoming panel event.

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