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Vapor Intrusion Pathway: A Practical Guideline
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What is your level of experience with vapor intrusion investigations?

could write a book on vapor intrusion
have characterized vapor intrusion sites frequently on several projects
have visited vapor intrusion sites several times
read or heard about vapor intrusion
no experience

Where did you first learn about vapor intrusion?

What steps in a vapor instrusion investigation do you find most difficult to complete?

collect data
establish risk
mitigate site
interact with the residents
establish a site conceptual model
establish screening practices and level

Have your vapor intrusion projects successfully mitigated the source?

don't know

Considering the scenarios listed in the training class, what is the most common in your experiences?

gas station in residential neighborhood
dry cleaner in strip mall
large industrial facility with large plume under hundreds of buildings
vacant lot over proposed brownfield development underlain by groundwater plume
vacant large industrial complex with warehouse space and office space
apartment building with parking garage underlain by groundwater plume

What are your greatest barriers to mitigating a vapor intrusion pathway?

state policy

This 2¼ hour training was

too short
the right length
too long

I can easily apply what I have learned in this course

somewhat agree
somewhat disagree

The information I received in this training will help me improve my job performance

somewhat agree
somewhat disagree

Material covered in this course was

too simple
at the right level
too complex

This type of training is valuable to our agency/organization/company and I will encourage colleagues to participate in future ITRC training opportunities

somewhat agree
somewhat disagree

How did you find out about this course?

EPA's TechDirect e-mail
ITRC e-mail
ITRC Web site (
CLU-IN Web site (

If you answered "other," how did you find out about this course?

Would a classroom training course on this topic be valuable to your organization?

yes, longer than two-day course
yes, a one- to two-day course
yes, one-day or less

To meet my needs for documented continuing education, ITRC's Internet-based training classes would have to:

Include attendance verification
Have a test at the end of the training class
Formally provide CEUs accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training
ITRC classes already meet my needs for documented continuing education
Documented continuing education is not important to me
Other (describe below)

Please provide additional information on your needs for documented continuing education

Today's training introduced the ITRC technical and regulatory guidance document, "Vapor Intrusion Pathway: A Practical Guideline" (VI-1, 2007) and the companion "Vapor Intrusion Pathway: Investigative Approached for Typical Scenarios" (VI-1A, 2007). How likely are you to use these documents?

I've already downloaded the documents
I plan to download a copy of the documents from the "Links" page immediately
I will make a note of the documents' location on for future use
If I find a need for the documents, I will refer back to my notes later
It is unlikely I will refer to the documents

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