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ITRC Technical and Regulatory Guidance Document for Constructed Treatment Wetlands view/download  
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ITRC Mitigation Wetlands Team Page     view/download  
II. Other Links View Download
Natural Resources Conservation Service "Plants Data Base" view/download  
Lehman, R. W., J. H. Rodgers, F. D. Mooney, J. B. Gladden, and J. R. Bell. 2001. "Wetlands for industrial wastewater treatment at the Savannah River Site: A case study.   view/download
National Stormwater Best Management Practices Database

This database provides access to BMP performance data in a standardized format for over 190 BMP studies conducted over the past fifteen years. The database may be searched and/or downloaded on this Web site, and is also available on CD-ROM. Additional BMP studies are currently being prepared for the database. The database was developed by the Urban Water Resources Research Council (UWRRC) of ASCE under a cooperative agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual May 2003 view/download  
CALTRANS Stormwater Management Program

Caltrans is the agency responsible for managing California's highway system. With its statewide Storm Water Management Program, Caltrans is helping to prevent the adverse effects of storm water runoff from Caltrans roadways and facilities. This Program provides a comprehensive effort to preserve and improve water quality in California.

Washington State Department of Ecology : Water Quality Home Storm water view/download  
Federal Remediation Technologies Research

The constructed wetlands-based treatment technology uses natural geochemical and biological processes inherent in an artificial wetland ecosystem to accumulate and remove metals, explosives, and other contaminants from influent waters. The process can use a filtration or degradation process.

Phytotechnology Technical and Regulatory Guidance Document. Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council. 2001. PHYTO-2 view/download  
Using Constructed Wetlands for Treating Wastewater in Colorado

The Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC) designed a task force comprising key multidisciplinary wetlands experts to help demonstrate constructed wetlands to treat wastewater and to grow biomass for fuel production in Colorado. The first request for proposals (RFP) was awarded to HDR Engineering, Inc. HDR is teaming up with ERO environmental consultants to document and catalog the energy savings from existing Colorado constructed wetlands treating wastewater and the applicability of duplicating these designs in other Colorado locations. A second and subsequent RFP will utilize the findings from the first RFP to demonstrate a wetlands project to treat wastewater using the best features of existing Colorado constructed wetlands and to determine potential energy efficiency and conservation possibilities.

Massachusetts DEP Stormwater Site view/download  
New Jersey DEP Division of Water Quality, Stormwater Discharges Site view/download  
New Jersey DEP Division of Watershed Management Publications view/download  
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