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Draft Handbook of Groundwater Policies for RCRA Corrective Action—Opportunity for Public Comment
Sponsored by: U.S. EPA, Office of Solid Waste, Corrective Action Programs Branch
Original Time/Date of Presentation: May 24, 2000, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM, EDT (18:30-20:00 GMT)
Presentation Overview: The briefing will: (1) explain why EPA is writing the Handbook and its relationship to broader RCRA Corrective Action reforms, (2) describe Handbook format, (3) reinforce role of state cleanup programs, (3) convey parity with Superfund, (4) provide an overview of topics addressed, (5) encourage feedback during the 60-day comment period, and (6) provide helpful internet links. In general, EPA is writing this Handbook to help reduce time-consuming uncertainties about its policies for groundwater protection and cleanup.
Presenters: Guy Tomassoni, U.S. EPA, Office of Solid Waste, Corrective Action Programs Branch (

Deborah Goldblum, U.S. EPA, Region 3 (

Joel Hennessy, U.S. EPA, Region 3 (
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