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Why Are So Many Groundwater Contaminant Plumes Persistent? Insights from Modeling and Characterization
Sponsored by: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Superfund Research Program and U.S. EPA Region 9
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This two-part seminar will feature Dr. Graham Fogg of the University of California Davis Superfund Research Program (SRP) and Dr. Mark Brusseau from the University of Arizona SRP and will focus on groundwater remediation issues. Contamination of groundwater by chemicals used in industrial, commercial, and other applications continues to pose significant threats to human health and the environment. Due to the complex characteristics of the subsurface and contaminants, site remediation is often an elusive goal. Dr. Graham Fogg will cover research on groundwater transport models that aim to improve our understanding of subsurface conditions and make elusive groundwater remediation more effective. Recent research shows how reliance on conceptual site models can lead to mischaracterization of not only the plume, but also remediation success and natural attenuation. Development of improved tools and methods will be discussed. Dr. Mark Brusseau will discuss his research on the primary transport characteristics of persistent groundwater contaminant plumes, with illustration via case study. Methods for characterizing persistent mass discharge will also be discussed.

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