Therese Gioia Ms. Gioia has over 25 years of CERCLA implementation experience, all of which has been as an employee of and consultant to U.S. EPA's Superfund program. She has managed all types of sites under CERCLA and has implemented all aspects of the Superfund program, including from site discovery and site assessment to emergency response, removal actions, remediation, and enforcement. Before joining Tetra Tech, Ms. Gioia was an U.S. EPA employee for 8 years in Regions 5 and 9. She was responsible for managing and supervising the Superfund remedial program as a unit chief and the Superfund removal program as a section chief. Over her career, Ms. Gioia has managed several of U.S. EPA's largest and most controversial CERCLA projects in U.S. EPA Region 9 and Region 5. For Tetra Tech EM Inc., Ms. Gioia has managed several programs providing technical assistance to the Navy on all aspects of the CERCLA program; and has served in a key capacity in developing and delivering a wide variety of U.S. EPA CERCLA training courses to U.S. EPA RPMs and OSCs.

Ms. Gioia is also a subject matter expert, instructional designer, and instructor for a variety of technical and regulatory courses related to the CERCLA program. Ms. Gioia has developed over 20 different courses for EPA's CERCLA Education Center and for the annual On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) Readiness Training Program and National Association of Remedial Project Managers (NARPM) conferences. Her training expertise covers the CERCLA site assessment, removal, and remedial programs.