Allan Comp Dr. T. Allan Comp has received national awards for his work with the people of the Appalachian coal country, for his successful effort to engage the art and humanities in environmental recovery and for his remarkable choreography of multiple federal agencies working with rural mining communities. He has been profiled by the Chicago Center for Arts Policy in its “Great Arts Innovators: Great Writers” series; his AMD&ART Project won the EPA Phoenix Award in 2005, among other awards, and he has two EPA Bronze Medals. An historian of technology with a deep commitment to cultural resources, community engagement and environmental reclamation, he is finding ways for VISTA and AmeriCorps volunteers to create a pathway to greater community engagement in the recovery of the Appalachian coal country. He is currently the Director of the Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team ( ), bringing full-time VISTA staff positions to support more than 50 watershed groups in the most challenging watersheds of coal country. He is also the Director of a new Western Watershed Team just starting in Colorado .