Principal, co-founder and current CEO of Neptune and Company, Inc. (Neptune). More than 25 years experience applying statistics and decision analysis to a wide range of environmental problems. Projects include interactive open source web-based statistics, decision analysis and modeling tools; re-use of industrially contaminated land, human health and ecological risk assessment, management of radioactive waste disposal facilities, remediation and closure of chemical warfare agent storage facilities, and a pure statistics tool that is open to the public. Co-developed a probabilistic model for prediction of residual risk at the Helena Valley site in Montana. Currently also working on the Ft. Missoula site in Montana, taking a similar Bayesian statistical approach to site characterization and UXO risk assessment. R&D activities include Bayesian statistical decision analysis coupled with development of interactive open source websites that support interactive analysis, graphical presentation, document production, and quality assurance. Developed various guidance documents for Federal and State agencies including, EPA’s Quality System, such as Data Quality Objectives and statistical guidance, and DOE on probabilistic risk assessment, statistical design and analysis for site characterization and risk assessment. Developed workshops for DOE on elicitation, probability, probabilistic modeling, specification of input distributions and modeling issues with spatio-temporal upscaling and correlation.