Dr. Burton has 30 years of diverse experience in environmental and natural resource investigations for the private sector and government. She has worked for Exxon Production Research Company and Exxon Minerals Company in Houston, Texas; Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, Illinois; and now as president and owner of Sundance Environmental and Energy Specialists (Sundance). She has led a variety of environmental and resource investigations throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. Dr. Burton has directed over 150 CERCLA/RCRA site characterization and feasibility projects as well as numerous remediation design studies while at Argonne National Laboratory and Sundance. At Sundance, Dr. Burton specializes in development and application of 3-D geostatistical data analysis/visualization to environmental problems. Dr. Burton has expanded the use and application of these models beyond the normal theoretical groundwater modeling applications to full 3-D analysis of all physical and chemical site features relevant to complete understanding of environmental issues at a given site and has applied this approach successfully at several private and government sites.