Denise Moreno RamírezDenise Moreno Ramírez is the Community Engagement Coordinator for The University of Arizona Superfund Research Program and the Dean Carter Binational Center for Environmental Health Sciences. She is primarily focused on developing community outreach projects and research translation products for diverse stakeholders in Arizona, Mexico, and the U.S.-Mexico Border region. She has experience collaborating directly with economically disadvantaged citizens regarding transboundary water resources and environmental contamination issues. Ms. Moreno Ramírez received a B.S. in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Biology from Northern Arizona University and an M.S. in Watershed Management from The University of Arizona. She was born in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and was raised in the "Ambos Nogales" area. Due to her experience as a Border resident, she was motivated to become a scientist and focus her efforts on environmental disparities.