Jeff HeimermanThe mission of the Technology Innovation Program is to advocate the use of innovative site assessment and treatment technologies and strategies for contaminated soil and ground water. The program works in four principal areas to break down barriers to the acceptance and adoption of new approaches for measurement and clean up of contaminated soil and groundwater. They are: Perfecting Market Information, Benchmarking Technology Approaches, Partnering for Technology Development, and Information Dissemination. Jeff manages staff that develop and implement projects in all four of these areas.

In addition to his managerial responsibilities, Jeff has been a principal developer on TIP's major technical assistance and information dissemination efforts. He and his staff are responsible for the development and maintenance of the Hazardous Waste Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN) website, the Brownfields Technical Support Center, the State Coalition for the Remediation of Drycleaners, the Field Analytical Technologies Encyclopedia (FATE), and TIP's popular Internet Seminar Series. He also authors the monthly email listserver, TechDirect, which now reaches more than 13,500 remediation practitioners in more than 60 countries.

Jeff also serves as an ex officio Board Member for the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) Workgroup.