Marlene O. Moore co-founded Advanced Systems, Inc. in February 1992 as an environmental consulting company specializing in quality systems for laboratory and sampling operations. She brings together the needs of quality system management, measurement operations and regulatory compliance. Marlene Moore has worked and managed environmental sampling and testing laboratories for over twenty years before providing her expertise to others. Current work includes auditing and training to ISO 9000 requirements as a registered RAB ISO QMS Auditor, assessing for laboratory accreditation programs to ISO/IEC Guide 25, ISO/IEC 17025, NELAC and auditing to ISO/IEC Guide 65 for conformity assessment certification programs. Additional auditor training was completed under the EPA Safe Drinking Water Program for State certification laboratory auditors for inorganic, organic and microbiology.

Ms. Moore currently presents NELAC assessor training meeting the requirements of NELAC standard Chapter 3 Appendix A. Several accrediting authorities (NY, PA, CA, IL, UT, LA, NJ) and EPA regions have accepted this training as basic assessor training as required by the NELAC standards.

She has managed full service laboratories and has experience working for environmental testing laboratories in areas ranging from bench chemistry, field sampling, permit consulting to business planning and financial control. She majored in chemistry at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA and has attended and provided a variety of management, business and technical training courses.