Bill Sargent is currently the Chief of the Military Munitions Design Center, Ordnance & Explosives Directorate, Huntsville Engineering & Support Center, Corps of Engineers. He has worked in the Ordnance and Explosives Program in Huntsville since 1994 as a Project Manager and Chief of International Operations. He is also the National Program Manager for Range SRM for the Army Corps of Engineers. He has been in the Army Corps of Engineers since enlisting as a Combat Engineer in 1979 and then serving as an Engineer Officer. Prior to 1994, he worked in the Alaska District, Fairbanks Resident Office as a Engineer Captain and Project Engineer for military construction and environmental cleanup work. He is currently an Engineer Major in the Inactive Ready reserves with both enlisted Army and Navy experience. He has a BS Degree in Civil Engineering from Southern Technical Institute in Marietta, Georgia and is a registered Project Management Professional (PMP). He is married to the former Carol Turschman and has two grown daughters.