Greg Van has more than 26 years of experience performing work on DoD MMRP and HTRW sites throughout the United States. His work has primarily involved the use of geophysical techniques for locating buried ordnance at MEC sites. He has been a PM on DoD MMRP projects since 2001, managing the design and implementation of field projects such as RIs, FSs, removal actions, and remedial actions of MEC sites under the DoD MMRP. He is currently the PM for the removal action/advanced classification project at the GM MRS at the former Lowry Bombing and Gunnery Range. Other recent PM responsibilities include the ESTCP Evaluation and Demonstration of Advanced Geophysical Classification Techniques. Mr. Van has a B.S. in Geophysics and M.S. in Geological Sciences and is a Registered Geophysicist in California.