Cristina Negri

As a soil scientist and agronomist (University of Milan, Italy), M. Cristina Negri has the leadership of the phytotechnologies activities at ANL. These include greenhouse and field activities aimed at (1) developing this technology for the remediation of organic, inorganic and radionuclide contaminants in soil and groundwater, and (2) the development and evaluation of deep rooting technologies as viable approaches to increase carbon sequestration in the terrestrial ecosystem. As part of her activities in technology development, M.C. Negri also worked on a proprietary technology for the removal of cesium-137 from Chernobyl milk, and on a soil washing technology to remove plutonium from sediments. She is also the Convener of a working group of experts from the European Union, aiming at creating human and environmental safety standards for growing media and soil improvers. Before her Argonne appointment she worked in private industry in Italy as scientific coordinator of research with Italian Research Organizations regarding waste and biosolids recovery, fate of contaminants in agricultural environments and innovative treatment technologies.

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