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Message #2: March, 1997


This is the second TechDirect message. Since beginning the service in February we have 203 new subscribers. To those of you new to us, welcome! If you feel the service is valuable, please share the information with your colleagues. If your peers are interested in subscribing to TechDirect, they may do so on the Clean-Up Information home page at http://clu-in.org. All TechDirect's previous messages are archived on CLU-IN. We welcome your feedback.

Now Available:

Publications on Remediation of Soil and Groundwater

Testing and Demonstration Sites for Innovative Ground-Water Remediation Technologies (EPA 542-R-97-002) This report describes fifteen publicly-sponsored facilities available for testing and demonstration of ground-water technologies. It is intended to help developers choose appropriate demonstration sites. A profile of each location includes general site characterization and contamination information, appropriate types of demonstrations, technologies previously demonstrated, available analytical facilities, permitting requirements and an on-site contact [January 1997, 34 pages]. Download from http://clu-in.org. Hard copies, contact (800) 489-9198.

Innovative Ground-Water Remediation Technologies: Publications and Conference Proceedings (1990-1996). This bibliography identifies reports, journal articles, and conference proceedings published from 1990 to 1996 that focus on innovative technologies for the remediation of contaminated ground water [November 1996, 165 pages]. Download from http://clu-in.org.

Tech Trends Newsletter (EPA 542-N-97-001). Tech Trends is a periodic newsletter on developments in remediation technology. This issue focuses on partnerships to promote the development and commercialization of remediation technologies [March 1997, 4 pages]. View or download from http://clu-in.org. If you would like a printed copy of this issue and/or be on the subscription list for mail receipt of Tech Trends, contact (800) 490-9198.

Presumptive Response Strategy and Ex-Situ Treatment Technologies for Contaminated Ground Water at CERCLA Sites (EPA 540-R-96-023). Produced by EPA Office of Emergency and Remedial Response, this guidance defines EPA's presumptive response strategy and technologies for the ex-situ treatment component of a ground water remedy. It explains how EPA intends to exercise its discretion in implementing the National Contingency Plan [October 1996, 88 pages]. Download from http://www.epa.gov/superfund. Hard copies of the report are free to EPA employees, contact (703)603-9232. Other Federal agencies, states and private sector companies, a hard copy of the report (#PB96-963508) may be purchased for $25 from the National Technical Information Service at (703) 487-4650.

Completed North American Remediation Technology Demonstration Projects (EPA 542-B-96-002). Summarizes key information on 259 completed demonstrations. These demonstration projects includes those performed, co-sponsored, or funded through programs developed by the USEPA, military services, DOE, Canadian government, and States of California and New Jersey. This report highlights key demonstration features, including contaminants treated, site type, technology type, media, vendor list, project sponsor, reports available and contacts. This report is aimed to assist site projects manager and others responsible for waste remediation projects [August 1996, 70 pages]. Download from CLU-IN. Hard copies of the report are free to government and university employees, contact (800) 490-9198. For private sector companies, a hard copy of the report (#PB 96-153-127) may be purchased for $21.50 from the National Technical Information Service at (703) 487-4650.

How to Effectively Recover Free Product at Leaking Underground Storage Tanks: A Guide for State Regulators (EPA 510-R-96-001). This guide is intended to help regulators review strategies for recovery of free product from beneath the ground surface. It focuses on appropriate technology use, taking into consideration site-specific conditions [September 1996, 148 pages]. This guide is available for $17.50 from the U.S. Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. Contact (202) 512-1800.

Technology Verification

Environmental Technology Verification Strategy (EPA 600-K-96-003). Released March 21, 1997, this document outlines EPA's efforts to provide verification support for innovative environmental technologies. The ETV Strategy defines verification; explains the operating principles that are basic to ETV's program structure; presents the pilot process and the selection criteria for the ETV pilots; describes program implementation to date, and the program's vision; provides program contacts [18 pages]. Download from http://www.epa.gov/etv. Hard copies, contact (513) 569-7562.

Meetings and Workshops

Workshop on Phytoremediation of Organic Contaminants - Meeting Summary. The phytoremediation workshop was held December 18-19, 1996 in Fort Worth, Texas. It was attended by federal and private researchers pioneering the development and use of phytoremediation. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information on current phytoremediation projects in the field and laboratory and to identify interest in future joint research and demonstration activities [February 1997, 21 pages]. Download from http://clu-in.org.

Environmental Clean Up Technologies Conference: Midwest Marketplace, July 22-23, 1997. The EPA Technology Innovation Office is sponsoring this conference to provide specific information on current and projected business opportunities for environmental clean-up and characterization technologies at the State and Federal levels, the private sector, and the international market. The agenda includes: Overview of State and Federal markets, overview of international markets, industry perspectives on technology commercialization, and Brownfields opportunities. Holiday Inn Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois. For additional information please contact: SAIC at (800) 783-3870 or e-mail: jo-ann.m.saville@cpmx.saic.com

Field Analytical Screening Technologies Vendor Field Analytical and Characterization Technologies System (Vendor FACTS 2.0). This updated Windows-based system, released in December 1996 provides vendors' information on field portable technologies for measuring and monitoring contaminated soil and groundwater at sites. Version 2.0 contains information on 128 technologies provided by 92 vendors. Some of the representative technologies listed in the system include: air measurement, analytical detectors, gas chromatography, chemical reaction-based indicators, immunoassay, soil gas analyzers. Download from http://clu-in.org. Order diskettes from (800) 490-9198.

Export Assistance

Private Companies - Highlight your technology in Argentina. The Department of Commerce reached an agreement with Gerencia Ambiental, Argentina's lead monthly magazine focusing on environmental technology, by which they will spotlight US technologies free of charge. Interested parties should submit a photo (color or BW), and a 100-200 word description of your environmental technology, including contact information. Originals should be sent to: Roberto Levis, Gerencia Ambiental, Alsina 943, 8 Piso. 1088 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tel 54-1-334-4497, fax 54-1-334-4497, and a copy to Khristine Bretl of the Office of Environmental Technology Exports, Department of Commerce, Room 1003, Washington DC 20230. Tel (202) 482-3889. Fax (202) 482-5665.

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