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ITRC Planning and Promoting of Ecological Land Reuse of Remediated Sites
Sponsored by: Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council
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The design and construction of the ecological end-use as an integrated component of the remediation system will realize pronounced benefits. Ecological elements considered at the inception of planning for environmental remediation at Superfund, RCRA, and Brownfield sites can be a cost-effective and an efficient way to restore, create, and improve wildlife habitat or the ecological system of the site. Incorporation of ecological elements can benefit multiple stakeholders, such as regulatory agencies, the regulated community (industry), local communities, and the general public.

This training is based on the ITRC Technical and Regulatory Guideline: Planning and Promoting Ecological Land Reuse of Remediated Sites (ECO-2, 2006). The document presents a process to promote ecological land reuse activities considering natural or green technologies instead of more traditional remedies. The guidance demonstrates that natural or ecological end-uses are valuable alternatives to conventional property development or redevelopment. It contains the principal decision points in a flow diagram format and discusses the practicality of applying natural or green technologies to traditional remediation processes.

Natural and green technologies have the attributes to improve the ecology of the site as long as it is coincident with the intent of the lands use and does not jeopardize the elimination or reduction of the human or environmental risk. Ecological benefits and a process for calculating their value are included in the guidance and reviewed in this training.

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