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I. Prerequisite Course Materials View Download
Archive of Advanced PRB Internet-based training view/download  
Archive of PRB Internet-based training view/download  
II. ITRC Permeable Reactive Barriers Documents and Related Resources View Download
Download an Archive of Today's ITRC Training     view/download  
ITRC Technical and Regulatory Guidelines: Permeable Reactive Barriers: Lessons Learned and New Directions (PRB-4, February 2005)       view/download
Design Guidance for Application of Permeable Reactive Barriers for Groundwater Remediation, Final document prepared by Battelle, Columbus, Ohio for the Air Force Research Laboratory, March 31, 2000.   view/download
ITRC Regulatory Guidance for Permeable Reactive Barriers Designed to Remediate Chlorinated Solvents, 2nd Edition (PBW-1, December 1999)   view/download
Design Guidance for Application of Permeable Barriers for Groundwater Remediation (PRB-2, March 2000)  view/download
ITRC Regulatory Guidance for Permeable Reactive Barriers Designed to Remediate Inorganic and Radionuclide Contamination (PRB-3, September 1999)   view/download
ITRC In Situ Bioremediation Documents view/download  
ITRC Permeable Reactive Barriers Team Page     view/download  
ITRC PRB Team Contact List view/download  
III. Web Sites and Technical Documents Related to Permeable Reactive Barriers View Download
ITRC PRB example success stories
ITRC Permeable Barrier Wall Guidance Documents Used in the Review and Approval of Cleanup At U.S. Energy Department Site at Rocky Flats
ITRC Guidance Documents Expedite and Enhance Use of Permeable Reactive Barrier at Allen Bradley Site in Fairfield, New Jersey
Remediation Technologies Development Forum (RTDF) view/download  
Field Applications of In Situ Remediation Technologies: Permeable Reactive Barriers
Permeable Reactive Barrier Installation Profiles
Bibliography of Field Applications of Permeable Reactive Barrier Technology
In Situ Remediation Technology Status Report: Research and Application of Permeable Barriers view/download  
Innovative Technology Evaluation Report: EnviroMetal Technologies, Inc., Metal-Enhanced Dechlorination of Volatile Organic Compounds Using an In-Situ Reactive Iron Wall   view/download
PRB Cost and Performance Case Studies from the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable view/download  
Design Guidance for Application of Permeable Barriers to Remediate Dissolved Chlorinated Solvents view/download  
Long-term Performance of Permeable Reactive Barriers used for the Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater (PEREBAR) — Information from the European Union view/download  
NATO/CCMS Pilot Study on Evaluation of Demonstrated and Emerging Technologies for the Treatment of Contaminated Land and Groundwater (Phase III) 1998 Special Session: Treatment Walls and Permeable Reactive Barriers view/download  
Permeable Reactive Subsurface Barriers for the Interception and Remediation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon and Chromium (VI) Plumes in Ground Water view/download  
IronRefs Database: Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, Center for Groundwater Research view/download  
Permeable Reactive Barrier Treatment Technology for Remediation of Inorganic-Contaminated Groundwater  view/download
Apatite II to Remediate Soil or Groundwater Containing Uranium or Plutonium  view/download
PIMS: an Apatite II Permeable Reactive Barrier to Remediate Groundwater Containing Zn, Pb and Cd  view/download
The Use of Zero-Valent Iron Injection to Remediate Groundwater: Results of a Pilot Test at the Marshall Space Flight Center view/download  
EPA Groundwater and Ecosystem Restoration Reports view/download  
"The Science of Acid Mine Drainage and Passive Treatment" from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection view/download  
Environmental Restoration Technology Transfer (ERT2) interactive Web training tools view/download  
RUBIN - a German Permeable Reactive Barrier R&D network view/download  
IV. ITRC (Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council) Products and Information:
V. Rebroadcast of Other Internet Seminars and Training Opportunities View Download
See the CLU-IN Studio for announcements of upcoming seminars and the archives of past seminars view/download  
Subscribe to the TechDirect ListServ and be notified of future Internet seminars view/download  

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