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CLU-IN Studio
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Triad Month Session 1: Introduction to Triad
Sponsored by: U.S. EPA Technology Innovation and Field Services Division
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August 4, 2009, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM, EDT (15:30-17:30 GMT)

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Presentation Overview:

A little over a year ago, over 260 individuals gathered from the U.S. and abroad at UMass-Amherst in Massachusetts to discuss the use of the Triad Approach to conduct investigations and remedial actions faster, better, and at a reduced cost. The Triad Community of Practice (CoP) decided to update and repackage several of those same sessions to benefit the greater CLU-IN audience that either may not have been able to attend the conference, or were not able to attend a specific presentation while at the conference. By doing this, we hope you too can learn more about some of the Triad tools and how they have been applied by your colleagues in the environmental industry.

Today's session is the first in a series of seven sessions collectively comprising Triad Month on CLU-IN. During this two-hour seminar, we will introduce students to the basic elements of the Triad approach and process. This seminar, which is primarily for managers and non-technical staff, describes processes for improving the performance of a project during setup, site characterization, and remediation/reuse and provides numerous "how to" examples of Triad processes. Instructors for this session include Robert Howe with Tetra Tech EMI and Kym Takasaki with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

See also the calendar for August 2009 at CLU-IN ( for more details about all seven sessions being offered during Triad Month.

Presentation Abstract:

Anatomy of a Well-Structured Project: Triad Training for Managers
Kym Takasaki, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, and Robert Howe, Tetra Tech EMI

This seminar is based on best business and technical practices implemented by the U.S. EPA, regulated partnership organizations, and consultants involved in the Triad community of practice over the past 25 years. The Triad process is designed to streamline environmental restorations throughout all portions of the cleanup process for closure in a legal, technically sound, and cost-effective manner. This seminar will introduce buyers, sellers, site owners and their support staff, insurance brokers, regulators, and members of the public to the basic elements of a well structured project, which makes maximum use of modern technologies and approaches. This one and a half hour seminar targets managing professionals and non-technical staff. During the seminar students will gain an understanding of processes used in the environmental industry and enhancements that can improve project performance. ÒHow toÓ examples for improving the performance of a project during setup, site characterization, and remediation/reuse will be provided along with resources to facilitate managers as they attempt to refine the way they do business relative to bringing a contaminated site back into constructive use.

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